The San Juan Islands - An Arts Destination for everyone

We believe that the richness of artistic expression can help create a sustainable economy, and we week to give our citizens additional rewarding possibilities while giving our visitors an unforgettable experience. The nautral beauty of the islands is an environment that can bring out the best in the human spirit and its expression in artistic form is something that we want to blossom and share with others. 


In a very practical sense we seek to be an umbrella arts organization serving the needs of our community, our artists and our existing artistic groups in order to create better communication, outreach, and inspiration. We feel that art and environment are a natural marriage that we want to encourage, support ,and share. To that end, we seek to inspire artistic imagination in our youth, celebrate the rich cultural heritage and artistic diversity of our community, and expand the arts of the archipelago for all islanders and visitors.   


"Where arts flourish, community prospers and lives are enriched."



The San Juan County Arts Council began in 2008 as an idea in a critical needs task force- Arts and Recreation. The arts council idea resonated with several task force groups, including the arts and the economy, becoming a full-fledged organization in 2011. We now support a variety of arts projects throughout the county. To learn more about our history, click here. 



The San Juan County Arts Council is a 501 (c) 3 organization that works to promote and integrate the artistic resources of the county for the creative economic development, education and overall well-being of the community. 


Arts council board of Directors

The Board consists of 9-13 volunteer members with representation from Lopez, Orcas and San Juan Island.

Board meetings are open to the public and are held each month via conference call and quarterly on San Juan, Orcas or Lopez Island on a rotating basis. Times vary depending upon the location and ferry schedule, but the meetings usually take place midday. The annual meeting is held in November; time and location TBA.

Current Board Members

Lopez Island:

Dennis Ryan

Robert O'Connell

Sean O'Connell

Peter Kuentzel


Orcas Island:

Colleen Stewart


San Juan Island:

Karen Woldtvedt

Anna Noel

Maria Michaelson

Claire Wright